Cosmetic medicine, micro-plastic safer
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Between the two micro-surgery and minimally invasive orthopedic strict distinction

Some people mistakenly think that micro-plastic plastic surgery is relatively small, such as eyelid open. Some people also believe that micro-surgery is minimally invasive surgery, surgical trauma that plastic surgery is relatively small. Obviously this is the micro-surgery and minimally invasive orthopedic confused. So, minimally invasive micro-surgery and plastic surgery in the end what is different?

Micro-plastic surgery because they can not, and can change in a short time it became a young beauty, so by many for the United States of all ages. However, according to description: In between micro-surgery and minimally invasive orthopedic industry has a strict distinction between the two. All notched micro-plastic surgery, even then a small incision, minimally invasive orthopedic belong. Rhinoplasty, breast surgery, such as in the case of this kind. The micro-plastic is mainly refers to the type of cosmetic injections.

As technology advances, the use of micro-plastic or minimally invasive cosmetic plastic surgery in two different ways to achieve the same effect. But it can be used micro-surgery or minimally invasive plastic surgery in two different ways. Such as rhinoplasty technique, previously used prosthesis rhinoplasty, and now uses injections rhinoplasty can achieve the effect that there is wound can be done without surgery, and the effect is very satisfactory.

For many it is for the United States, to meet the most basic micro-shaping their needs. Like wrinkle removal, freckle, nose and so can be achieved through micro-surgery. Due mainly to take micro-plastic injection or other physical manner, so the industry is also known as midday beauty.

At the hospital, the general micro-plastic base as long as half an hour to complete, and after normal work. Especially for some of the physical scars of the people, is the best micro-plastic cosmetic procedure, will not harm the skin of the United States who can achieve a beautiful goal.


Hyaluronic acid and Botox wrinkle which strong?

The main difference between Botox and hyaluronic acid is Botox is get rid of dynamic wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid is to get rid of static wrinkles and hyaluronic acid is a long-term mechanism to lock in moisture. The following describes in detail the characteristics of the next two.

(1) Botox: Botox wrinkle efficacy reason why is because it inhibits the presynaptic nerve endings around the movement of acetylcholine release, blocking information transmission between nerves and muscles, causing muscle relaxation palsy . Then put it bluntly, botulinum toxin is due to paralysis of the muscles so that the muscles do not have the ability to beat and eliminate wrinkles.

(2) hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid belongs to drugs rather than cosmetics, require certain technical rather than cast a herd effect can be achieved. Because of this, hyaluronic acid also applies to wrinkle. Hyaluronic acid molecule is very small, and the body does not exclude, better compatibility and highly moisturizing, long-term lock the cell water. Thus for small wrinkles can be resolved, especially in a static pattern.