Micro-plastic and easy to do, nor is anyone can do
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Spring Festival is approaching, everyone wants to have a better "look" home for the holidays, many people choose to do in the local micro-surgery, there are some beauty who travel to South Korea in the near future, play, shop, take the time to do the way simple micro-surgery, so that my beautiful points. Although the technology has become increasingly sophisticated plastic, and some even "with the do-go", but experts advise, whether it is plastic or micro-surgery, should choose their own appropriate to do, should not blindly follow the trend. Also note, hyaluronic acid and Botox injections can not be more, so as to avoid excessive face stiff.

Near to a significant increase in public hospital orthopedic

Ms. Leung, who lives in Haizhu District, said recently wanted to micro-surgery, "going to fight to the nose of hyaluronic acid, because I heard that the body can absorb (hyaluronic acid), a small wound, and kick immediately effective, I feel very convenient." This reporter recently interviewed more than migrant workers, many person said, as long as the conditions are right, will go to "the United States a beauty."

Choi Dong, director of the Armed Police Hospital plastic surgery body said "Every year this time to shaping more than usual number of people are two to three percent." Shaping the face of this wave, Choi Dong remind the public, although micro-shaping technology becomes more mature, but the most important thing is to do plastic surgery to maintain a good attitude, do not blindly follow the trend or because of excessive demands and repeated plastic . Choi Dong had contact with a rhinoplasty done eight people, and general surgery nose surgery more than three times longer than we should be very careful, because the more difficult it is to do the shaping, also have an impact on health.

Injection of hyaluronic acid

Treatable static wrinkles.

The effect of a single injection to maintain 9 to 12 months.

After playing hyaluronic acid, it is recommended not to laugh and facial massage.

35-55-year-olds do.


Treat dynamic wrinkles.

Work a week, the effect is maintained at 5 to 6 months or more.

After playing Botox, it is recommended not to eat hard things, reduce chew.

35-55-year-olds do.

Autologous fat transplantation breast

The amount of each graft is limited to the 150 ~ 200ml.

Survival rate of 40% to 60%.

After the surgery, the survival of fat mass is likely to form in the chest, looks like a breast hyperplasia, or to cause trouble in the future treatment.

Hyaluronic acid & Botox: 35-55 years old consider doing

Whether at home or abroad to do plastic surgery, playing supporting hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, which do not spend a lot of time in the micro-plastic is preferred Amy, but most people do not know how to choose their own way of micro-plastic. Puzheng Guo, director of plastic surgery professor Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Guangzhou introduced Botox treatment is dynamic wrinkles, if you laugh when a particularly large number of wrinkles, Botox hit; do not laugh when static wrinkles also conspicuous hit hyaluronic acid, will collapse, wrinkles place to hold up to.

"The amount of Botox is generally safe to work a week, the effect is maintained at 5 to 6 months or more;. The effect of a single injection of hyaluronic acid to maintain 9 to 12 months," Pu Zhengguo introduced, should be carried out face kick after hyaluronic acid and Botox Ministry of plastic. After playing Botox, it is recommended not to eat hard things, reduce chewing, otherwise exercise the facial muscles will come out again. Hyaluronic acid after playing, laughing and facial massage is not recommended.