Hyaluronic Acid Essence
Hyaluronic Acid Essence
Product Effect:
1、Hydrating and repairing hydropenic skin, for hydropenia lead to  dry, rough, yellow, dull skin,Hyaluronic acid can hydrate deeply, supplement moisture factor, slow the lost of water ,reach long time of moist effect.In addition, hyaluronic acid has an important funtion on promoting cell growth and differentiation, reconstruction and repairing。
2、removing fine skin wrinkles caused by increasing age and dry skin, making skin reappear flexibility and vigor。
3、Restraining skin aging. Hyaluronic acid can prevent  producing some of the enzyme cells, reduce the formation of free radicals, to prevent free radicals destroying the cells` structure ,producing lipid peroxidation and causing the body aging plays an important role. So, to all sorts of causes of ageing of the skin has   a certain inhibiting effect.
4、apply to recuperate of  sensitive skin. This product`s components are moderate, do not contain allergy-causing composition, and hyaluronic acid has good effects on anti-inflammatory, inhibiting bacteria produce and keeping skin smooth. Particularly recommended as skin laser, the photon, glycolic peeling and postoperative skin care.
Use range :
1, because of the skin hydropenia, maintain undeserved, environmental factors, increasing age leads to the dry, yellow, aging and fine wrinkles,etc skin problems.
2, laser cosmetology, glycolic peeling, etc postoperative skin care and other sensitive skin care.
Use method:
1, with glue dropper head drains 2-3 drops ,wipe gently to the face, neck skin . using in morning and night.or considering skin`s condition to use at any time.
2, generally used after toner, and before water locking frost/emulsion . Can also take 2 drops of pure hyaluronic acid original fluid,mixed with high quality make up water (or facial mask) to use.