Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor BFGF

Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor


The main ingredient in BFGF is recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor (rb-bFGF) - a multifunctional growth factor with a wide range of bioactivity, which can promote the reparation and regeneration of tissues and cells derived from the mesoderm and ectoderm (such as epithelial cells, dermal cells, fibroblasts, vascular endothelial cells, osteoblasts, nerve cells etc.). The specific combination of rb-bFGF with the wounded target cell surface can trigger the cells to repair actively and promote cell division, proliferation, migration and differentiation, so as to accelerate wound healing and improve the healing quality. It is a safe and effective new drug for wound healing.


Repair redness, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging , whitening , sun and wound repair , anti- acne, remove scar , acne , fine lines and pores in addition to crude , after the micro-plastic skin repair

* For skin : acne , wrinkles , wounds , large pores

* Burn and scald wounds: including shallow II degree and deep II degree wounds, granulation wounds and inhalation injuries.
* Acute wounds: bruises, contusions, combined injuries and cuts.
* Surgical incisions: incisions of surgery, orthopedics, gynaecology (such as lateral episiotomy and cesarean incision), otolaryngology, urology and proctology.
* Chronic wounds: diabetic ulcers, vascular ulcers, radiochemotherapy ulcers, bedsores, fistulas,     residual wounds and cervical erosions.
* Skin grafting: skin donor site, skin grafting site, skin flap handling.

BFGF strengths

Spray design - easy to use.
* Accelerate wound healing shortening the healing time and reducing scar formation.
* Aseptic preparation on site – stronger activity of the active ingredient.
* Work directly on the repairtive cells accelerating wound healing.
* Very safe without any side effect