Liposome Spray 50ml
The World's First Moisturizing And Repair Spray (Liposome Penetration Technology)

This product has a good effect on dry skin moisturizing and skin repair after minimally invasive surgery(such as botox and ha dermal filler inection,E-light laser treatment,dermal roller treatment and so on), reduce pigmentation and scar formation, prevention of infection, effectively inhibit bacterial growth, promote wound healing, facial proper hydration. Has a strong and long-lasting moisturizing ability, compatibility with the repair product and a deeper repair. At the same time, this product has anti-aging and anti allergic effect.

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Liposome Penetration Technology

The world's top drug delivery technology
Only our company applied this technologe to the facial beauty
Nano-lipsomes encapsulated nutrition ball (liposomeS technology):
Nourish the skin to form protective;
Penetrating epidermis;Full-layer nourishment ;
Direct to the dermis;Depth of repair;


small molecule hyaluronic acid, lecithin, coenzyme Q10. Glycerin, propylene glycol, rose extract, allantoin, amino acid moisturizer, VE, wheat germ extract, linseed oil, PEG-40, purified water


Q: What is the principle of action
A: The human skin is composed of a layer of dense cells, so the current domestic cosmetics on the skin can not penetrate into the skin inside, after bathing will be removed. Liposome cosmetics is based on the 863 plan based on the results of research and development. It is a double-layer lipid membrane wrapped active ingredients, the lipid membrane can effectively bind to the surface cells of the human body, while the active ingredient of the lipid film can be slowly penetrate into the skin inside the skin cells to maintain moisture, promote skin thin Growth and development, increase the mobility of the membrane so that the rejuvenation

Q:What can it used for ?
A : Patented liposomal dermal penetration technology, direct mesoderm, for micro-plastic repair: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-UV, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, can be used independently, anti-pigment reflux
Q: How to use it?
A:(1) minimally invasive surgery to minimize exposure to water and avoid sunlight, two days after the minimally invasive, nine Lide repair spray used 2 times a day, no more than 3 times. 5 spray about each time, not too much spray.
(2) This product does not contain whitening substances, does not contain fluorescent agents, hormones and other substances. When using this product, remember not to compare with the day after the product whitening effect.
(3) This product can not replace the use of drugs. Such as minimally invasive infection in the process of adverse phenomena such as medical treatment should be as soon as possible.