BFGF 2 Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Laser Facial Cosmetic Surgery Repair
40000 units of recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factorContains 155 amino acids of cell growth factor, for deep cell repair, accelerated healing, reduce pigment formation. Care for skin repair after laser surgery


What is BFGF ?
Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor For External Use (rb-bFGF)
The main ingredient in BFGF is recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor (rb-bFGF) - a multifunctional growth factor with a wide range of bioactivity, which can promote the proliferation and differentiation of cells involved in wound healing, so it can actively repair the wounds and improve healing quality. It is a safe and effective new drug for wound healing.
BFGF lyophilized powder is aseptically packaged with innovative proprietary technology, which is convenient to use.


1 promote healing, accelerate skin repair capacity, for red, swelling, swelling, pain, skin damage

2 to prevent pigment reflux, to prevent infection, to avoid the occurrence of relate symptoms.

3  isolation of ultraviolet light to prevent hair follicle damage

4  replenish collagen, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity.

Laser Facial Cosmetic Surgery Repair Use BFGF freeze-dried powder 2 Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor

What is  Mechanism ?
The main ingredient in is recombinant bovine basic fibroblast growth factor (rb-bFGF), which can promote the reparation and regeneration of tissues and cells derived from the mesoderm and ectoderm (such as epithelial cells, dermal cells, fibroblasts, vascular endothelial cells, osteoblasts, nerve cells etc.). The specific combination of rb-bFGF with the wounded target cell surface can trigger the cells to repair actively and promote cell division, proliferation, migration and differentiation, so as to accelerate wound healing and improve the healing quality.


What function of BFGF?

The function of bFGF in wound healing process: induce the chemotaxis of inflammatory cells and the migration of immune cells shortening the inflammatory response period at early stage; promote the division and proliferation of repairtive cells at the mid-stage; regulate the distribution and alignment of extracellular matrix,and stimulate the synthesis and secretion of collagenase, and decompose excess collagen reducing scar formation at late stage


How to use BFGF2 ?


For the project: E RF spectrum


E-light beauty instrument is a phototherapy technology, in the photon rejuvenation on the basis of an increase of radio frequency technology, the traditional IPL equipment treatment depth can only reach subcutaneous 5mm, depth of treatment can reach subcutaneous 15mm, so E light beauty instrument makes E Light beauty technology to improve the use of mate! E light beauty is a light therapy technology.  E-light technology for pocked pores large facial relaxation Freckle acne hair removal wrinkle redness and so on ,E light is not suitable for the treatment of melasma


E light after the maintenance


(10 days is the key node)

1, E light rejuvenation treatment, because the skin is more delicate to prevent the sun. In the first 10 days of continuous use of nine of SOD, continuous repair light burning surface, repair hair follicle tissue. Rapidly update the skin, so that the face is not fast black rehabilitation without sequelae. Prohibit the use of aloe vera, anti-inflammatory aspirin and alcohol (including alcohol-containing cosmetics), must not be squeezed, pressure, touch, friction treatment surface.


2, during treatment fasting photosensitive food (such as celery, leek, parsley, etc.) and photosensitive drugs. Sensitive skin fasting can cause skin allergies in food.

3, after treatment because of increased absorption capacity of the skin, metabolism speed up, some patients may dry skin, dry skin, so every 2 days after the use of collagen  Liposome facial mask to add enough water and nutrients.


How many BFGF for E RF spectrum

Need products: SOD 2-8 bottle bottle BFGF2-4 bottle back red repair mask 6-18 pcs

Proved that strict use can reduce the recovery time of 80%.


E - light stain treatment of postoperative cycles

(0-3) days of redness

 (4-7) days of hyperpigmentation

 (7-30) days to improve skin quality

Practice has proved that: SOD BFGF intervention can improve the phenomenon of pigment reflux

 Laser Facial Cosmetic Surgery Repair Use BFGF freeze-dried powder 2 Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth FactorLaser Facial Cosmetic Surgery Repair Use BFGF freeze-dried powder 2 Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth FactorLaser Facial Cosmetic Surgery Repair Use BFGF freeze-dried powder 2 Recombinant Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor