Collagen Liposome Facial Mask
Patented technology - liposome encapsulation infiltration technology

Collagen Liposome Facial Mask

Liposome Mask is a mask for the recovery of after micro-plastic surgery and daily skin moisturizing. Nano-lipid microspheres can effectively keep nutrients in a constant stream of skin that needs to be repaired. Eliminate inflammation, fade out fine lines, brighten skin, shrink pores, effectively moisturize skin for up to 48 hours, keep skin delicate, natural and luster. Face film paper adopts 394 collagen material imported from Japan (plus down, upset, small molecules collagen)

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our advantages
Patented technology - liposome encapsulation infiltration technology

Line into protective membrane in the epidermis; Dermis penetration deep repair
Support global testing without banned substances
Beyond the 99% of the mask quality
The Technical Concept of Liposome Mask

The world's top drug delivery technology
Only our company applied this technologe to the facial beauty

Nano-lipsomes encapsulated nutrition ball (liposome technology)

Nourish the skin to form protective
Penetrating epidermis;Full-layer nourishment
Direct to the dermis;Depth of repair


Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, macromolecule small molecule hyaluronic acid, collagen, carbomer 940 egg yolk lecithin, coenzyme Q10 rose extract, allantoin, three glycine, dow corning DC - 193, sorbitol polyester - 20 ve


Q:What can Collagen Liposome Facial Mask use for?

A: Ice Mask  suitable for Micro-plastic repair, laser surgery after repair

Q:  What effect of Collagen Liposome Facial Mask?
A:Is applicable to any skin and season, in the process of filling water repair damaged cells, the stability of cell membrane, in-depth nourishes the dermis at the same time, make the skin appear a natural luster, improve skin elasticity, improve skin firmness, lock the water molecules in the formation, achieve long-lasting moisturizing

Q: How to use it ?
A: Use for 50 minutes depending on the situation

Q: How many products should use for a surgery?
A: Need products 6 pcs/box 

Q: Do you have real case?
A: We are committed to the following pictures are the company's real customer feedback, Pirates of the map must study