Recombinant Human Superoxide Dismutase-2(RH SOD-2
Repair Redness and Facial Anti-freckle and Anti-oxidation Unisex SOD

What is SOD?

Superoxide dismutase Orgotein (Superoxide Dismutase, SOD), aliases liver protein, gluten Austria, referred SOD
SOD is a substance derived from the active life of the body, is a novel enzyme. Can eliminate the harmful substances produced by the organism in the metabolic process. SOD humans continue to add special effects with anti-aging. It is a very wide distribution in the biosphere, almost from animals to plants and even from person to single-celled organisms, has its existence. SOD is considered the most life science magic of the enzyme, the body's garbage scavenger.

SOD is a natural enemy of oxygen free radicals, the body of oxygen free radicals is the number one killer, is the life and health of the country. Global 118 scientists issued a joint statement: Free radicals are the source of sickness, SOD health of the country. SOD activity in vivo, the more long-lived.

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SOD complex enzyme freeze-dried powder-1 For freckle red blood

(Recombinant human superoxide dismutase enzyme outside the freeze-dried powder)
Containing superoxide dismutase and interferon, can effectively eliminate the inflammatory phenomena, reduce redness and itching reaction. Mainly used for laser freckle, remove redness after the redness of the nursing process.

SOD strengths

1: eliminate swelling
Effectively eliminate free radical sites of inflammation , eliminate swelling phenomenon
2 : reduce oxidative stress
Reduce oxidative stress generated due to dermal exposure , care for the growth of new cells
3 : elimination of pigment production
Newborn wound , pigment easy calm , SOD restore performance effectively inhibit pigment production


Q:What can SOD 1 use for?
A: SOD 1 suitable for facial lattice laser treatment of convex holes, scarring, peeling, anti-aging, 980MM red blood treatment

Q: What effect of SOD1?
A:(1) promote healing, accelerate skin repair capacity, for red, swelling, swelling, pain, skin damage
        (2) to prevent pigment reflux, anti-bruising, to prevent infection, to avoid the occurrence of related symptoms.
        (3) isolation of ultraviolet light to prevent hair follicle damage
        (4) replenish collagen, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity.

Q: How to use it ?
A: 1After the Laser  treatment immediately use of SOD 1 spray the whole face,
     2 Use anti-swelling red ice mask 50 minutes, remove the mask and spraying SOD 1 ahain.
     3 After returning home,The first 3 days during the day, Spray SOD 2-5 times, night spray  BFGF4  1a time  (lattice surgery an       d above the opposite) do the ice mask once a day,
     4 From  4-10 days, day and night use BFGF3-5 times, use Liposomal mask was used at night.
     5 From10-28 days during the day using SOD1-2 times, use of BFGF at night, while the use of liposomes mask 1pcs for
        every 2 days.

Q: How many products should use for a surgery?
A: SOD 6-10 Bottle BFGF6-15 Bottle Retreat Repair Ice Mask 6 pieces Liposomes Mask 12 pieces

Q How to storage?
A: Superoxide dismutase (SOD) for temperature stable, but we still recommend the lyophilized powder stored at 4-10 degree conditions, especially after dissolution, due to increased probability of contamination, it is strongly recommended that conditions be placed 4-10 degrees next.
Once during storage solution turbid immediately renounce the use of 

Q: Does SOD can be used with other cosmetics ?
A: The protein product during use, to be applied in the innermost layer of the skin, and the use of after the end of the ten minutes, does not recommend the use of cosmetics! (Other cosmetic surfactants, EDTA and other substances, will inactivate protein)

Q: Do you have real case?
A: We are committed to the following pictures are the company's real customer feedback, Pirates of the map must study