Injectable Anti aging Comlex Argireline
lyophilized powder (1ml) * 5
solution (3ml) * 5 liposome


six peptides: the only safe and effective anti-aging product proven to achieve the same effect with botulinum. It eliminates the need for needles and the risk of facial nerve damage from surgery, promotes collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid hyperplasia, increases skin moisture, increases skin thickness, and remove the wrinkles and brighten skin.


Collaxyl (Argireline)
Superoxide dismutase SOD
Recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor oligopeptide -1
Collagen protein
Small molecules of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10.

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It is a safe and effective anti-aging product, which comprises a plurality of substances which are beneficial to the repair of wrinkles. Peptide relax wrinkles regional muscle, achieve remove wrinkles. Vc phosphate, coenzyme Q10 and SOD, can effectively promote the synthesis of collagen, fundamentally reduce wrinkles, and lecithin can effectively stabilize the cell membrane, the formation of liposome pellets, assist the essence of the material realization of the whole body skin deep dermis leap. Nursing care for the eye wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles of the skin (short term use can increase the skin hydration degree reduce wrinkles, long-term use can effectively improve collagen content of the wrinkle region).

Product Advantage:

Six peptides is a small molecular peptide, molecular weight of only 800, can effectively penetrate the skin in the clinical we found that only six peptides is to temporarily smooth wrinkles, valid for three days, but the use of our compound six peptides, In the same operation, 10 days of wrinkles do not return. The body's own collagen is slowly produced, not anxious, our products also need to adhere to the use of 2 months to consolidate the wrinkles do not return!


 lyophilized powder (1ml) * 5

 solution (3ml) * 5 liposome


Q:1 What can Argireline use for? 

A:Argirelinethe only proven to achieve the same effect with botulinum, the newest wrinkle remover

Q:2 How long does the peptide last after injection

A:After injection the paptide it can last at least for 3 months

Q:3 How much ml you need for the whole face?

A:Different types wrinkle need ml different , But 3ml is enough for the whole face

Q:4 how many treatments need to be done for full effect

A:Because the human body have Hexapeptide-11, so After injection some people absorbed the products , have no effect, but please don't worry , you can injection the second time after 10days.

Q5: How to use it ?
A:Used Independently
Apply it on the wrinkle site in the morning and evening per day. a little , Smear evenly with slight massage. if deep wrinkles can be repeated once. The full face can also be used. Need to be used in the first step, smear after stopping 3 to 6 minutes, and then use other skin care products
B: Micro Needle Operation.
After cleansing. Use the microneedle method. In the corresponding wrinkle site. Use 0.5 to 0.8 for the eye microne, 0.8 for the face microneedle, and 0.8 for deep wrinkles. After redness,use ultrasonic waves leading into six peptides. After the leading-in, apply the faded red ice Mask. The treatment is designed every 10 days and done once. Slight aging or maintenance is done every 15 days. After surgery, the use of six peptides every morning and evening.
C :Radio-wave Skin Implantation Method.
After cleansing, the use of radio wave skin implants, the whole face for skin surgery operation. After the operation, the local use 0.5 micro-needle, cleaning local wrinkles Department. After the whole face into six peptide. Apply faded red ice can. Medication setting, minor and maintenance, once every 20 days, severe aging, once every 10 days
D :Ultrasonic Knife Operation Method.
The operation method same with the radio-wave skin implantation method. However, the course of treatment, according to customer skin aging of 20 days to 3 months, can be operated. Recommended to do once a month.
E: Laser Operation Method.
After cleansing, use detox capsules to carry out a comprehensive detoxification treatment. Use 1064 eyebrow washing machine or Q-switched laser. For wrinkles or aging, set the power to 400 Joules. Spot large transfer. After repeated sweep,fully leading-in our anti-aging argireline product. Then use our anti-redness ice facial mask. It is done every 30 days. Severity is done once every 15 days.
F: Water Mesogun Injection
Replacement of botulinum toxin type A, the so-called nutrients. Combined with water hyaluronic acid for mesodermal introduction. Each interval of 45 days or more. Only 30 days can make the skin smooth and delicate. Just 60 days can make the skin self-compact, relieve wrinkles.

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   A set incuding: 5*1g/vials powder 

                                 5*3ml/vials dissolved liquid 

   as same as picture